The Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation (JLCOF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2009, with the goal of fighting the childhood obesity epidemic one child at a time. The foundation is currently helping to finance and assist overweight/obese children in accessing education, exercise and nutritional counseling. Its development was a response to the growing rate of obesity in children. The mission of JLCOF is to raise the awareness of the huge childhood obesity epidemic that is sweeping the nation, through research and education.

The foundation's goal is small; to send economically challenged overweight children and their parents to local hospital programs. The program is a 10-session comprehensive program for children ages 3 through 18, who are overweight and would benefit from a multi-disciplinary educational program that focuses on improving health through nutrition, exercise and behavior modification.


Currently the people involved in the program are CEO Jordan Levin and the general board members. The foundation is actively seek volunteers for the program. The founder, Jordan Levin, who overcame significant challenges through most of his childhood, is now a motivational speaker and a fitness coach. He owns CrossFit Bloomfield, which specializes in teaching healthy lifestyles to children. Mr. Levin has undertaken the task of giving back to the community, and is passionate about improving the future of children.

The number of overweight and obese children is increasing at an alarming rate. Overweight children have a much greater risk of developing:

Type 2 Diabetes
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Pulmonary disorders
Joint problems
Liver problems
Low self-esteem
Adult obesity
Lower life expectancy

The goal is to help kids learn and understand the importance of healthy eating and physical fitness. Education, increasing awareness and personal self-development is how results will be achieved. Parental support is very crucial in preventing children from gaining weight. The programs are for children ages 3-18. Specialized programs are anywhere from 3-6 months.